10 Places You Must Visit in North Sumatra

North Sumatra has numerous charms. Medan as the capital of North Sumatra has many historical buildings to visit. Visit Medan is also a paradise for food enthusiast. There are a variety of types of food you could try. There are Indian foods, including Minang foods, Java Foods, and Chinese Foods. Medan is multicultural city, because many kind of ethnics and cultures like Chinese, Indian and diverse ethnics of Indonesia live in Medan.

Here, 10 areas you should visit in North Sumatra.

1. Lake Toba

Lake Toba is located in North Tapanuli (Tobasa) district, 176 km from Medan. Therefore, your travel would not be whole if you don’t visit Lake Toba, the most beautiful lake in Indonesia. Lake Toba gives you breathtaking perspective with mountain surrounding the lake and the clean air.

2. Maimoon Palace
Maimoon palace is a legacy of Royal Deli. A Palace is located in centre of Medan, Jl. Brigjen Katamso, Medan Maimun. There are a variety of means of public transportation to reach the palace.

3. Raya Mosque
Raya Mosque or Raya Al Mashun Mosque was built in 1906. The mosque’s architecture style is from Middle East, India and Spain.

4. Sipiso piso Waterfall
Sipiso piso waterfall is in Mount Sipiso piso, Berastagi and elevation of the waterfall is 120 meters. You may see breathtaking view of Lake Toba from this area.

5. Mount Sibayak
Mount Sibayak is located in Berastagi. It’s about 2 hours from Medan. Mount Sibayak is a volcano which is known as The King Mount. You are able to see the wonderful Berastagi view from the crest of the bracket.

6. Bukit Lawang (Lawang Hill)

Bukit Lawang is located in Leuser Park which is famous with its orangutans. You are able to see orangutans in the jungle. Most tourists visit Bukit Lawang to adventure the Sumatra wild jungle. Additionally you are able to try rafting sport in Bahorok River and get sense of juggle and rural atmosphere.

7. Merdeka Walk
If Yogyakarta has Malioboro as a place to hangout, therefore Medan has Merdeka Walk. Merdeka Walk is street food area located in Lapangan Merdeka. You may delight in the historical buildings with beautiful architectural when enjoying dinner at this location.

8. Samosir Island
Samosir Island is a small island in the Middle of Lake Toba. A beautiful view in this island can make you amazed. Samosir Island has history of Batak Kings and Batak cultures. Additionally to become more familiar with Batak culture, you may also shop in Samosir Island. They market handmade accessories from local resident.

9. Nias Island
The vast majority of Nias Island vistors are surfer. Nias Island has high tide and it becomes a target for surfing enthusiast to try it. Nias Island is occupied by men and women who have adhered to the megalithic culture.

10. Pagoda Taman Alam Lumbini
Pagoda Taman Alam Lumbini (Lumbini Natural Park Pagoda) is a replica of Shwedagon Pagoda in Burma. This pagoda is golden decorated with beautiful architecture showing its magnificence.